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The opportunity

Thalento® offers the opportunity to build a profitable business together through combining our respective strengths.

We believe in a local presence & expertise that integrates your local culture and values with our global vision.

We aim to build a leading Network of professional Partners and seek to partner with HR Services companies who can identify with our vision.

It is our strategy to work with multiple levels of partners, succesfully representing Thalento®.

We  don't expect our Partners to make any kind of investment.

We are commited with all our expertise and knowledge and provide next to our e-Assessment and Talent Management solutions:

- a global vision on the HR challenges

- marketing support,

- training & development,

- a Sharepoint website and CRM

- the Thalento® website adapted in your language


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Thalento® Headquarters Corda Campus - Corda 6 | Kempische steenweg 293/35
3500 Hasselt

Telephone: +32 11 28 62 48
VAT: BE0830.586.452
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